Adding a Public Self-Managed Cluster to AppsCode Dashboard

Elevate your Kubernetes cluster management with AppsCode Dashboard by seamlessly integrating your public self-managed Kubernetes cluster. Follow these detailed steps for a smooth integration process:

  1. Navigate to the AppsCode Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Add Cluster button to initiate the integration.

Cluster Type Selection - Public

  1. From the Self Managed section, choose the option for a public cluster.

Provide Public Kubeconfig

  1. Provide the public kubeconfig for your Kubernetes cluster. This file contains essential information for establishing a connection between your cluster and the AppsCode Dashboard.

Feature Customization

  1. Proceed seamlessly to the feature customization step, enhancing your cluster's capabilities within the AppsCode environment.


  1. Once imported, explore the cluster's details and capabilities within the AppsCode Dashboard.

By following these steps, you'll effortlessly integrate your public self-managed Kubernetes cluster, unlocking its full potential within the AppsCode environment. Feel free to refer back to this tutorial for guidance.