Adding a Rancher Managed Cluster to AppsCode Dashboard

Adding a Rancher-Managed cluster to the AppsCode Dashboard involves a slightly different process. In order to import a Rancher-Managed cluster to the AppsCode Dashboard, you need to create a Rancher Managed Organization and a Rancher Type Credential.

Create Rancher Type Credential

To create a Rancher type credential, refer to the Credentials Management Documentation and follow the instructions to add a new credential of type "Rancher."

Create a Rancher Managed Organization

Unlike personal accounts, Rancher clusters are associated with Rancher Managed organizations. Follow the Create a New Organization documentation with the following additional steps:

  1. Choose the organization's Origin as Rancher Managed.
  2. Provide the Rancher API Endpoint, which you can find under the Account & API Keys page.
  3. Click Create to complete the organization creation process.

Import the Cluster

Before importing a Rancher Managed cluster into the AppsCode Dashboard, you must switch to the Rancher organization. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to AppsCode Console.
  2. Click on the Profile Icon or username.
  3. Choose Switch Account.
  4. Select your Rancher organization.

Once you are in the Rancher organization, follow the standard cluster import process outlined in the Import Vendor Managed Clusters documentation.