Our Experts are Your Experts

AppsCode consultants work hand-in-hand with customers. Our Kubernetes experts help you make informed design decisions, navigate cloud native technologies, develop your custom operator and engage in custom development projects. Ready to get started?

AppsCode offers different staffing models to match your needs

Pre-packaged bundles

Production Readiness Review will validate existing work on Kubernetes, and identify any areas of improvement for your cluster

Project aligned delivery

Develop custom tooling for Kubernetes based on scoping of internal needs of an organization.

Resident architect

Our engineer will work side-by-side with your Devops team and participate in your transition to a cloud native future.

"InterSystems was delighted to engage with AppsCode in the delicate, yet fundamental task of supporting durable, non-ephemeral workloads with Kubernetes. We needed the best-prepared, most-proficient database operator consulting in the industry. Given AppsCode's pedigree of database building operators, the decision was easy. No time was wasted and all objectives reached in an amazingly short period of time. I would recommend AppsCode consulting for any Kubernetes related work."

Mario Kozjak

Luca Ravazzolo

Product Manager at InterSystems