Adding a Cluster to AppsCode Dashboard

Integrating your Kubernetes cluster, whether it's vendor-managed or self-managed, into the AppsCode dashboard is a simple process that elevates your cluster management experience.

The procedure consists of two primary steps:

Step 1: Cluster Selection

For Vendor-Managed Clusters

To include Vendor-Managed clusters in the AppsCode dashboard, follow the steps outlined in Import Vendor Managed Clusters.

For Rancher Managed cluster, refer to Import Rancher Managed Clusters documentation.

For Self-Managed Clusters

If you have a self-managed Kubernetes cluster, refer to Import Self-Managed Clusters for detailed instructions on adding it to the AppsCode dashboard.

Step 2: Feature Customization

Following the successful addition of your cluster, the next step involves customizing features to be installed during the cluster import process into our system. This ensures a seamless integration and optimizes the functionality of your cluster within the AppsCode environment.

Explore your cluster further and leverage the full capabilities of the AppsCode dashboard.

Feel free to refer to the comprehensive documents linked above for a detailed walkthrough of each step in the process.