Setup OAuth2 Applications

To enable external logins using OAuth2, you can set up OAuth2 applications under the "Applications" tab in your user settings.

Create OAuth2 Application

Follow these steps to create a new OAuth2 application:

  1. Navigate to the "Applications" tab.
  2. Click "Create Application."
  3. Provide the necessary details:
    • Application Name
    • Redirect URI
  4. Click "Create" to complete the OAuth2 application setup.

You will receive a client ID and client secret upon successful creation. Use these credentials in your system for OAuth2-based external logins.

Manage OAuth2 Applications

Under "OAuth2 Applications," you can view all the OAuth2 applications you've created. You can edit or remove an existing OAuth2 application by clicking the appropriate button next to the application name.

Authorized OAuth2 Applications

Once you've authorized applications, you can view them in the "Authorized OAuth2 Applications" section.

Optimize your external login experience by configuring and managing OAuth2 applications through AppsCode user settings.