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Accelerating the transition to Containers by building a Kubernetes-native Data Platform

AppsCode Inc. was founded by Tamal Saha in 2016. Before founding AppsCode, Tamal was a software engineer at Google and Amazon. He has a Master of Computer Science degree from University of Virginia. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in CSE from BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He comes from Bangladesh.

AppsCode has offices in both USA and Bangladesh. This allows us to provide 24 x 7 technical operational support to our users and customers. For any inquiries, please contact us here.

Message from CEO

The inventor of web browser, Marc Andreessen, once said that software is eating the world. Software developers are the craftsmen who will shape the future of human civilization. The vision of AppsCode is to make the best tools for software development available to anybody at an affordable price. We believe that human knowledge belongs to the world. So, we are building an integrated development platform that democratizes modern software development tools.

Tamal Saha

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