AppsCode is an Integrated Development Platform for collaborative coding, testing & deploying containerized apps. The inventor of web browser, Marc Andreessen, once said that software is eating the world. Software developers are the craftsmen who will shape the future of human civilization. The vision of AppsCode is to make the best tools for software development available to anybody at an affordable price. We believe that human knowledge belongs to the world. So, we are building an integrated development platform that democratizes modern software development tools.

Developing software in professional settings requires using various tools starting from source code management to continuous testing (CI) tools to cloud deployment tools. Large software companies usually have sophisticated proprietary engineering infrastructure to manage this complexity. This includes both development and operational infrastructure. If you are a small or a medium size team, it is almost impossible to build such sophisticate infrastructure on your own. The operational infrastructure is mostly taken care of by cloud providers like AWS, Heroku, etc. On the development side, the store is very diverse. There are many different SAAS products that helps with part of the development process. For example: GitHub / Bitbucket for hosting, FogBugz for bug tracking, etc. And then there are numerous open source products. It is not uncommon to see organizations use a combination to these tools to manage their software development process.

At AppsCode, we believe that there should be an Integrated Development Platform that facilitates all aspects of software development lifecycle for the masses. So, we are building one at AppsCode. Our tool chain includes:

What is AppsCode

AppsCode’s vertically integrated tool chain provides a set of convenient, accessible and secured services that improves developer productivity at significantly less initial investment, fewer internal IT resources and lower operating costs. There are MORE reasons for you to choose.

  • Provides a modern software development tool chain built for teams of any size.
  • Saves your time and money by bringing latest container technology and reduces operational costs of your business.
  • The automated cloud deployment infrastructure helps to improve productivity by allowing you to spend time building your application.
  • Continuous testing and delivery helps you deliver quality software at the pace of development.
  • You can build custom integrations using our cli and api.

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