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Attende workshops and webinars by AppsCode.

End user Training

We organize training workshops to help your organization implement AppsCode quickly. End-user training workshops focus on building containerized apps using AppsCode in day-to-day operations. Training sessions are divided separately covering different aspects of AppsCode.

Git Workshop

It covers basic git concepts such as committing, branches, merge requests, merge conflicts, tags, cherry-picking and rebasing. It discusses how to host or import git repositories in Diffusion and code review and audit workflows using Differential and Audit applications.

CI Workshop

It covers basic ci concepts such as blueprint.yml files and docker agents. It discusses how to automate testing process using Harbormaster and Herald rules. It also discuses how to use underlying Jenkins projects to fine-tune build configuration.

Kubernetes Workshop

This worksho teaches the basic Kubernetes concepts and day-to-day interactions as a user of the system. This disucsses how to deploy and scale a cluster on various cloud providers, configure DNS, and manage applications with Kubernetes (including creating and managing pods, replication controllers, services and ingress) using Pharm and kubectl. You’ll also learn about how to manage and troubleshoot your cluster.

Workshops are delivered via web-conferencing or in person (within Continental US). We're open to discussing other materials to cover. Please let us know in the Contact form, if you are interested.

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