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Change Log

0.7.3 / 2018.03.13

Swift 0.7.3 improves TLS support for Tiller and corrects documentation. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Search for tiller in self namespace before searching cluster. #111
  • Update flags for tiller #110
  • Make it clear that installer is a single command #108
  • Fix installer #107
  • Update chart to match RBAC best practices for charts #106
  • Update chart version #105
  • Add OWNERS file for chart #104

0.7.2 / 2018.02.27

Swift 0.7.2 uses various grpc middlewares from grpc-ecosystem/go-grpc-middleware inlcuding --log-rpc flag to log request and response playloads. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Use glog middleware for logging #102
  • Rename validator method #101
  • Use appscode/grpc-go-addons #100

0.7.1 / 2018.02.19

Swift 0.7.1 adds –tiller-timeout flag with default 5 min deadline. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Use #99
  • Add –tiller-timeout flag with default 5 min deadline #97
  • Rename factory package to connectors #96

0.7.0 / 2018.02.12

Swift 0.7.0 adds support for SSL enable Tiller. InstallRelease and UpdateRelease apis have been updated in backward compatible manner to support downloading charts from secure chart repository.

  • Update installer script #95
  • Document Swift SSL options #93
  • Support self-signed ca certificate for Tiller #92
  • Do not write SETTINGS in response to ACKs in Cmux #91
  • Support SSL for chart repository #90
  • Pass username/password in chart URL as basic auth header #89
  • Update grpc-go to v1.9.2 #85

0.6.0 / 2018.01.23

Swift 0.6.0 updates Helm dependency to 2.8.0. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Revendor to Helm 2.8 #83

0.5.2 / 2018.01.06

Swift 0.5.2 closes tunnel after api call for kubeconfig connector. We recommend upgrading to this version. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Close tunnel after api call #79
  • Add front matter for docs #81
  • Fix analytics client id detection #80
  • Use tunnel tools from kutil #78
  • Set ClientID for analytics #77

0.5.1 / 2017.11.27

Swift 0.5.1 fixes connection leakage in proxy server. We recommend upgrading to this version. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Close connection after usage. #68
  • Make chart namespaced #64
  • Add front matter for swift cli #69
  • Add Front matter of docs #65

0.5.0 / 2017.10.29

Swift 0.5.0 makes backward incompatible change to SummarizeReleases api.

  • SummarizeReleases api will not set namespace to default by default any more. If no namespace is set, it will return releases from all namespaces. To get releases from a given namespace pass query parameter namespace=<name>. #61
  • Add tutorial for RBAC enabled cluster #59
  • Fix service port in installer yamls #58

0.4.0 / 2017.10.24

0.4.0-rc.0 is now marked as 0.4.0.

0.4.0-rc.0 / 2017.10.16

Swift 0.4.0-rc.0 updates Helm dependency to 2.7.0-rc.1. There is no user visible change in api.

0.3.1 / 2017.09.21

Swift 0.3.1 fixes RBAC issues with installer yamls. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Set service account name in RBAC mode. #48
  • Update installer RBAC to support listing services #47

0.3.0 / 2017.09.20

Swift 0.3.0 updates dependencies to 4.0.0 and to 2.6.1. There is no user visible change in api.

  • Check for returned pods or services before connecting. #45
  • Use client-go 4.0.0 #43
  • Fix command in Developer-guide #42
  • Move analytics to common GA project #41

0.2.0 / 2017.09.08

0.2.0-rc.0 is now marked as 0.2.0.

0.2.0-rc.0 / 2017.08.31

Wheel has been renamed to Swift, because it gets you Tiller Swift. :) Swift 0.2.0 makes some backward incompatible api changes.

  • Removes List Releases API. The URL path for this api could conflict with the GetHistory api. The replacement should be to use SummarizeReleases api. #24
  • Changes status_codes parameter type to string in SummarizeReleases API. Supported values are UNKNOWN, DEPLOYED, DELETED, SUPERSEDED, FAILED, DELETING. all field has been added to request object of this proto. This allows to get all releases (including deleted but not purged ones) without specifying all the status codes. #33
  • Adds option to format release values as json in ReleaseContent API. #34
  • Deployment scripts now mount an EmptyDir at /tmp path. This is used as scratch volume to store downloaded chart archives files. The downloaded files are also deleted, after request is served. Previously we cached the chart-archive files, but two different releases may have same chart-archive file name with different content. This improves storage performance. #35, #36

0.1.0 / 2017.08.06

First public release of Wheel. To install, please visit here.

  • JSON proxy for Helm Tiller apis. Tested with Helm 2.5.0 .
  • Supports connecting to Tiller server in 3 different modes.
  • Install and update api uses chart tarballs instead of binary chart objects.
  • Includes a npm ready Javascript client using promises.