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Guides show you how to perform tasks with Searchlight.

  • Cluster Alerts

    • ca_cert - To check expiration of CA certificate used by Kubernetes api server.
    • component_status - To check Kubernetes component status.
    • event - To check Kubernetes Warning events.
    • json_path - To check any JSON HTTP response using jq.
    • node_exists - To check existence of Kubernetes nodes.
    • pod_exists - To check existence of Kubernetes pods.
  • Node Alerts

  • Pod Alerts

    • influx_query - To check InfluxDB query result.
    • pod_exec - To check Kubernetes exec command. Returns OK if exit code is zero, otherwise, returns CRITICAL
    • pod_status - To check Kubernetes pod status.
    • pod_volume - To check Pod volume stat.
  • Supported Notifiers: This article documents how to configure Searchlight to send notifications via Email, SMS or Chat.