Project Status

Versioning Policy

There are 2 parts to versioning policy: - Operator version: Searchlight does not follow semver, rather the major version of operator points to the Kubernetes client-go version. You can verify this from the glide.yaml file. This means there might be breaking changes between point releases of the operator. This generally manifests as changed annotation keys or their meaning. Please always check the release notes for upgrade instructions. - CRD version: is considered in alpha. This means breaking changes to the YAML format might happen among different releases of the operator.

External Dependencies

Searchlight 5.0.0 depends on the following version of Icinga2 and friends:

Name Version
Icinga2 2.6.3-1
Icingaweb2 2.4.1
Monitoring Plugins 2.2-r1
Postgres 9.5-alpine

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