Logging & Monitoring

Monitor your apps with Grafana, store logs in ElasticSearch, search logs via Kibana and get alerted when things go wrong.

Logging with ElasticSearch & Kibana

Use Fluentd data collector to collect logs from your containarized and traditional workloads into ElasticSearch. Use Kibana to visualize and explore your logs stored inside ElasticSearch. Kibana integrates seamlessly with ElasticSearch, shapes up your data and provides sophisticated anaytics.

Monitoring with InfluxDB

Use Heapster to collect monitoring data for Kubernetes containers into InfluxDB time-series database. Use Ganglia and StatsD to collect application monitoring data from InfluxDB. Ganglia can receive multiple metrics from multiple hosts and make them accessible for polling.


Use Grafana Dashboards to visualize all your monitoring data. Write queries against InfluxDB to generate custom graphs for monitoring data and visualize statistics from all cluster under user organization.

Icinga for Alerts

Write Icinga rules for monitoring data from InfluxDB to set alerts on your Kubernetes applications. Get automated email & SMS notifications and ACK to alerts via email.

3rd Party Stacks

AppsCode comes with batteries included for your Kubernetes cluster. You can deploy any third party logging and monitoring tools via containers to your Kubernetes cluster.

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