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Monitoring Kubed

Kubed operator exposes Prometheus ready metrics via the following endpoints on port :8443:

  • /metrics: Scrape this to monitor operator.

Follow the steps below to view the metrics:

  1. Give system:anonymous user access to /metrics url. This is not safe to do on a production cluster.

    kind: ClusterRole
    name: appscode:system:metrics-collector
    - nonResourceURLs: ["/metrics"]
    verbs: ["get"]
    kind: ClusterRoleBinding
    name: appscode:system:metrics-collector
    kind: ClusterRole
    name: appscode:system:metrics-collector
    - apiGroup:
    kind: User
    name: system:anonymous
    $ kubectl auth reconcile -f docs/examples/monitoring/metrics-collector.yaml "appscode:system:metrics-collector" reconciled "appscode:system:metrics-collector" reconciled
  2. Now, forward the port :8443 to your workstation.

    $ kubectl get pods -n kube-system | grep voyager
    voyager-operator-f89dcccdb-plvmt        1/1       Running   0          27m
    $ kubectl port-forward -n kube-system voyager-operator-f89dcccdb-plvmt 8443
    Forwarding from -> 8443
    Forwarding from [::1]:8443 -> 8443
  3. Now, visit the url:


  1. Once you are done, remove access to system:anonymous user.

    $ kubectl delete -f docs/examples/monitoring/metrics-collector.yaml "appscode:system:metrics-collector" deleted "appscode:system:metrics-collector" deleted

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