Cloud Deployment

Kubernetes based micro-services platform gives you the freedom to run your applications in any public cloud or on-premise datacenter.

Docker and Kubernetes. Build multi-host cloud container over AppsCode platform.

Docker & Kubernetes

Build self-managed multi-host cloud contianer in minutes just with a single click. Using Google's Kubernetes cotainer orchestration platform you can easily build container.Then, deploy your dockerized replicated, fault- application into a Kubernetes cluster in seconds.

Multi-Cloud MicroServices Platform

AppsCode comes with support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You are free to run your containerized applications on any supported cloud or on-premises platform, supported by Kubernetes.

Multi-cloud Micro-Services. AppsCode is a reliable platform for multi-cloud micro services.
Pharm and Kubectl. Manage your Kubernetes application life-cycle using Pharm and Kubectl from AppsCode.

Pharm & Kubectl

Manage your Kubernetes application life-cycle from AppsCode web interface called Pharm, or using Kubectl, a Kubernetes command-line tool. Use Pharm to manage your cluster secrets, configurations, SSL certificates, ingress rules, databases and much more.

L4 & L7 Loadbalancing

Expose your containarized applications to the internet via TCP or HTTP(S) protocols using built-in HA Proxy based ingress controller. Import your custom SSL certificates to secure endpoints at no additional cost.

L4 and L7 Load balancing. Use AppsCode HA Proxy based ingress controller for TCP or HTTP(S) Protocals.
Database Support. Use managed and production-ready database instances from AppsCode.

Database Support

Use managed and production-ready database instances from AppsCode, inside your Kubernetes cluster. AppsCode currently supports database systems like PostgreSQL, InfluxDB & ElasticSearch.

Freedom of Choice

AppsCode allows you to use any services provided by underlying cloud providers and external third party service providers.

Freedom over Cloud Services. Use any services provided by underlying cloud providers over AppsCode platform.

All-In-One Application Development Platform