Continuous Integration (CI/CD)

Automatically testing changes before merging, continuously packaging & deploying apps is easy when you have AppsCode.

Continuous Integration

Set up jobs to run unit and integration tests as you commit code. Run unit and integration tests as you commit code into your git repository.Import your repositories hosted on GitHub and Bitbucket and supercharge them with AppsCode platform applications.

Continuous Delivery

Automatically package your applications into Docker containers and deploy those to a Kubernetes cluster. Deliver value to your customer as your write code without waiting for lengthy release cycles.

Docker Build Agents

Use Docker to create your custom reproducible build environment. Scale UP or Scale OUT your build farm using managed Debian Linux based build agents from AppsCode.

Git Repo Integration

Automatically trigger builds on code commit by setting up global Herald Rules over your git repositories. You can also set Personal Rules to track or review file changes in the form of notification.

Built-on Open Source

Built on the top on Jenkins. Jenkins is used and trusted by several companies like GitHub, LinkedIn, Netflix and others. You can have acess to wide range of Jenkins plugins to easily migrate from your existing Jenkins installation.

All-In-One Application Development Platform

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