Open Source Projects


Secure Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

A Kubernetes Cluster Operator Daemon

Backup your Kubernetes Volumes

Alerts for Kubernetes

Kubernetes Authentication WebHook Server

Ajax friendly Helm Tiller Proxy

Backup your Kubernetes Volumes


KubeDB Operator

Common api objects for KubeDB

Run PostgreSQL in Kubernetes

Run Elasticsearch in Kubernetes

Generate Helm Charts from Kubernetes objects

Object Store Manipulator - curl for cloud storage

Gearman in Golang

Essential analytics for OSS

StrongSwan based VPN Controller for Kubernetes

Ganglia reporter for go-metrics library

Save and Load a collection of Docker Images from a compact archive

Golang client for Hetzner

Kubernetes client-go utils

Send notification via Email, SMS, Chat etc.

Unified DNS client for GOlang

Phabricator Conduit API Golang Client

/etc/hosts Syncer for Kubernetes Nodes

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