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How long is the Trial Period of AppsCode Paid Services? Do I have to register with a credit card from the very beginning?

Trial Period for AppsCode paid services has a validity of fourteen (14) days. During this period you are not required to register with a credit card. In order to avoid service disruption you have to register with a valid credit card during the trial period.

Which Clouds are supported by AppsCode?

Currently AppsCode is supporting Google Cloud (GCE) and Amazon Web Services (AWS. If you would like to see support for additional cloud providers, let us know here.

How do I report bugs?

Please report bugs via our community site. If you need to include private information, you can email us directly at To help us fix bugs, include reproducible steps with your bug report.

How do I file feature requests?

You can request for missing features or request modification of existing features via our community site. We appreciate your valuable feedback.

Can I check my quota information?

Yes. You can access your current quota and usage stats from your AppsCode Billing Dashboard Quota tab. You can access it from url:

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel?

Yes. This depends on which plan you are currrently subscribed to.

  • Hosted Plans with Month to month subscription: These plans can be cancelled at any time. You will be charged up to the day you cancel your plan.

  • Hosted Plans with Annual subscription: These plans can be cancelled only at the end of their subscription period.

  • Addons: Addons are charged for usage by minutes. These can deleted at any time.

  • Private Installations: These plans can be cancelled only at the end of their license period.

Can I change my plan at a later time?

Yes. Plans are on a monthly or annual subscription that can be upgraded to a different tier.

How do I delete my AppsCode team account?

We are sorry to see you go. To cancel during trial period, do not add a payment method. Your team account will be deleted after trial period, if not upgraded. If you are on a paid plan, please email us at with your team-id from an administrator account for your team. We will delete your account after verification.

Where can I get help learn about AppsCode?

You can get help from Learn and Community section of the AppsCode website. We also provider paid online training courses. See here for more details.

What type of support can I avail?

All AppsCode hosted plans come with community support. Business plans come with email support. Enterprise plans comes with phone support in addition to email support. However, email support does not include support for questions about using, optimizing, or troubleshooting AppsCode services. To get answer of such issues, please check our technical support and consulting services.

For general support, please contact For sales queries, drop us a line at

Got more questions? You can post to our community site or contact us directly.

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