Features available for Pharm users:

  • With your cloud credential you can create cluster in any desired cloud
  • See overall details of cluster
  • Create database inside cluster
  • Add Credential to your cloud
  • Create alert for application management and get notification when alert generates


The sidebar shown below will be the initial screen for Pharm users:

Pharm Sidebar. First level sidebar.
  • Cluster, Database buttons will show corresponding list and create option.
  • Credentials button will show existing credentials list and will also allow users to add add cloud credentials.
  • SSL button will shows SSL list.

Cluster list

In the cluster-list as shown below there are some cards which contain information about cluster.

Pharm Cluster. Cluster card image.

Each card will show cluster name, name of cloud provider, zone and corresponding kibana, icinga and grafana url. Users will be able to see cluster details information by clicking grey marked area of each card. Users can also access cluster creation form clicking Create Cluster button

Database List

  • Database list will be shown through table, containing database name, database type, mode, cluster of database, last backup date, etc.
  • Users will be able to access database-details clicking on database name, marked in grey as shown in the picture below.
  • Create Database button will navigate user to database creation form.
Pharm Database. Database list contains overall database information.


Credential List shows credential related information. There is also an option for updating or deleting information. AppsCode allows its users to add Cloud Credentials.

More Information

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