Sign-up Flow

This guide is here to help you register for your AppsCode account. Following simple steps mentioned below you can easily create your account and add up your team members. You can also manage your own and your team’s profile. These steps have been outlined with images to assist you for a smooth signup.

Basic Requirements:

  • Your Valid Email Address ( for notifications and account controls)
  • Email addresses of your team members ( to invite members of your team)

Time to create your very first AppsCode account!

From AppsCode homepage, click on either of the two buttons (inside red circles) to begin sign-up, as shown below:

Start Signup. Click to start you signup process.

Step 1:

Enter your valid email address and click on the CAPTCHA. Click on Proceed for the next step:

Step One. Provide your email address.

Step 2:

Time to build your first AppsCode team! As shown below, you just need to choose a Team Name and set a Team ID. Then, click on Proceed for the next step:

Step Two. Provide a Team name and Team ID.

Step 3:

Here you have to choose your Username and set a Password for creating your Account. Then, click on Proceed for the next step:

Step Three. Choose a username and set password.

Step 4:

This step will show you a preview of the information you have provided so far, and will ask to confirm details. After checking details just click on to Proceed for the next step:

Step Four. Confirm your details.

Step 5:

Time to Party! Insert your ‘team mate email addresses’ and invite them to your AppsCode Party. You can skip this option if you prefer for One-Man-Action. Then, click the very last Proceed button:

Step Five. Invite members for the party.

Step 6:

At this end-point you will recieve a ‘welcome’ message. You may like to Explore More, or check our Social network pages. You may even have a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. After a while, check your email to get link(s) to start your AppsCode journey!

Step Six. Please wait for your email now.

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