Welcome to AppsCode CLIs

Command line interface for AppsCode


AppsCode CLI is very much user-friendly. AppsCode CLI allows end-users to create new workflows which suits their preference. This utility can perform several tasks over user database and has the ability to create, resize, and even delete a cluster. It helps user with continuous integration, status build or delete a job, and updates on regular basis.

AppCTL works as a bundled-service with Kubernetes KubeCTL. Now you can create cluster using AppCTL and carry out all the pod operations with KubeCTL.

Basic features

  • Simple and interactive dashboard
  • Multiple Operating Systems supported
  • Easily setup your manifest (asset, controllers, services, etc.)
  • No shared application infrastructure needed
  • Have everything available and en-routable on URL
  • Tabs are fault tolerant and can run on many different pods in the cluster through several API proxy
  • CLI is similar to the web interface and works fast to get required features

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