Announcing Voyager Gateway v0.6.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Voyager Gateway v0.6.1. This post lists all the major changes done in this release since the last release.

Custom Database Routes

Voyager Gateway is built on the Envoy Gateway project which uses Envoy under the hood. Envoy supports protocol specific filters for databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka and Redis. But k8s gateway api does not have a way to specify the database filters. We can expose databases via TCP connections but this restricts full potential of the database filters in Envoy. In Voyager Gateway we introduced custom routes for database backends. When a database server is exposed through custom database routes, it patches the filters, specifically developed for that particular protocol. With this we can generate stats, establish TLS secure connections and use the full potential of Envoy.

kind: MySQLRoute
  name: my-route
  namespace: my-ns
  - name: my-gw
    sectionName: my-lis
  - backendRefs:
    - name: mysql
      port: 3306

TLS Termination on Gateway

In this release, we have added support to the database filters to terminate TLS on the gateway. This includes MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. We can leverage this feature to include different TLS certificates on the client-to-gateway and gateway-to-upstream. This enhances the security and decouples dependencies for cluster administrators and developers.

Implement BackendTLSPolicy

In this release, we have implemented BackendTLSPolicy for supporting TLS secure connections for the upstream. BackendTLSPolicy is being proposed by the official Gateway-API project recently and Voyager Gateway has adapted the necessary changes to add support for it. We can now configure MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and HTTPS upstreams for TLS secured connections from the gateway.

kind: BackendTLSPolicy
  name: sample-backend-tls
  namespace: default
    group: ''
    kind: Service
    name: sample-backend
    namespace: default
    - name: backend-certs
      group: ''
      kind: Secret

Configurable NodePort

With Voyager Gateway, we can specify port mapping for NodePort type services. We have introduced specific annotation for this. The annotation is kept on the gateway object so the cluster administrator can configure it.

kind: Gateway
  …  …  … 
    '' : '30005'
  gatewayClassName: eg
  - name: sample-tls-lis 
    port: 10002
    … … … 


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