Introducing Stash v2024.4.8

We are pleased to announce the release of Stash v2024.4.8 , packed with new features and important bug fixes. You can check out the full changelog HERE . In this post, we’ll highlight the changes done in this release.

New Features

  1. We’ve added new feature in Kubedump addon. You can now specify the types of resources you want to ignore during backup by defining their GroupKind. GroupKind refers to the category and type of Kubernetes resource. For example, Deployment is a kind in apps group. All you have to do is to provide the value of ignoreGroupKinds parameter in respective BackupConfiguration. When specifying which GroupKinds to ignore, you’ll use the <> format. For instance, if you want to exclude Deployments from your backup, you would provide it like this: Deployment.apps. You can specify multiple GroupKinds to ignore by separating them with commas. For instance, if you want to ignore DaemonSets and Snapshots, you would list them like this: DaemonSet.apps,

    Here is an example of the corresponding BackupConfiguration where we have ignored Snapshot resources:

    kind: BackupConfiguration
      name: demo-ns-backup
      namespace: demo
      schedule: "*/5 * * * *"
        name: kubedump-backup-0.1.0
        - name: ignoreGroupKinds
        name: s3-repo
          apiVersion: v1
          kind: Namespace
          name: demo
          serviceAccountName: cluster-resource-reader
        name: keep-last-5
        keepLast: 5
        prune: true
  2. We’ve added support for setting node selector, tolerations and affinity rules for CRD installer and cleaner job. You can find the values file HERE .

  3. We’ve added support for backup and restore of PostgreSQL version 16. You can find the supported PostgreSQL addon versions HERE .

Bug fixes

We have fixed a bug for backup and restore of tls enabled PostgreSQL instance.

What Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

  • If you want to install Stash in a clean cluster, please follow the installation instruction from HERE .
  • If you want to upgrade Stash from a previous version, please follow the upgrade instruction from HERE .


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