Stash v2021.03.17 - A Better User Experience

We are very excited to announce Stash v2021.03.17. In this release, we have focused on improving the user experience with Stash. We have simplified the installation process, improved KubeDB integration, added backup support for TLS secured databases, etc. We have also fixed various bugs and made other improvements.

In this post, we are going to highlight the major changes. You can find the complete changelog here .

Simplified Installation Process

Previously, we had two separate charts for the community edition ( stash-community) and enterprise edition (stash-enterprise). We also had separate charts for each individual addon version. We used to provide a bash script to install those addon charts easily which wasn’t platform-independent. Also, it was tedious for the users to keep track of which addon chart is usable with which operator version.

In this release, we have moved all the addon catalogs under a single chart named stash-catalog. Then, we have wrapped all the charts under a single parent chart named stash using Helm dependency . Now, the user just has to care about only the parent chart. They can install, uninstall, upgrade all the Stash components using this combined chart. When they upgrade the parent chart, all the dependent charts will be automatically upgraded to the appropriate version. It also solves the platform dependency of the bash script-based addon installation method.

Check out our new installation method using the combined chart from here .

Seamless Migration between Community and Enterprise Edition

Since we have combined all the charts under a single parent chart, now it is very easy to migrate between the community edition and enterprise edition. Now, users can seamlessly migrate between the two editions using a simple helm upgrade command. Check out our new guide for migrating between the community edition and enterprise edition from here .

Pre-install Official Addons

Now, we automatically install all the official addons along with the Stash Enterprise edition. So, the user no longer needs to worry about installing the addons. Whenever you upgrade the operator the addons will be upgraded automatically to the appropriate version. You can still use your custom addons. You just need to install them separately as you did before.

A Better Integration with KubeDB

Stash is now aware of KubeDB managed databases. The KubeDB catalogs now come with embedded Stash addon information. Our KubeDB team includes the addon name, version, and respective parameters that are necessary to backup the database, in DBVersion objects. Here is an example of ElasticsearchVersion object with the pre-configured Stash addon information.

kind: ElasticsearchVersion
  name: searchguard-7.9.3
  authPlugin: SearchGuard
    image: kubedb/elasticsearch:7.9.3-searchguard
  distribution: SearchGuard
    image: kubedb/elasticsearch_exporter:1.1.0
    image: kubedb/toybox:0.8.4
    yqImage: kubedb/elasticsearch-init:7.9.3-searchguard
    databasePolicyName: elasticsearch-db
        name: elasticsearch-backup-7.3.2
        - name: args
          value: --match=^(?![.])(?!searchguard).+
        name: elasticsearch-restore-7.3.2
  version: 7.9.3

So, as a KubeDB user, you no longer have to worry about the Stash addons. You no longer need to provide the addon information in BackupConfiguration or RestoreSession objects.

A Stable Addon Name

We have also removed the -vX suffix form Task and Function name as it is vulnerable to any minor changes in the addon. Whenever we made any update to the addon, we had to update the version suffix too. This was to ensure that if the addon images get updated, it does not break the existing backup setup of the users for any version skew between the operator and the new addon image. However, it resulted in an unpleasant situation where a user had to update the Task name in all the existing BackupConfigurations whenever they update the addons.

Since we are now automatically upgrading the addons along with the operator, we no longer need to keep this suffix. Now, we can have a stable name for the addons so that the users no longer need to update the Task name in their existing BackupConfigurations after an upgrade.

Restic 0.12.0

We have upgraded restic version to v0.12.0. This comes with a significant performance boost in prune operation. You can find the full changelog of restic v0.12.0 from here .

TLS Support for all databases

Now, all the database addons support TLS secured connection. Previously, only Elasticsearch and MongoDB addon supported TLS secured connection.

What Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

  • If you want to install Stash in a clean cluster, please follow the installation instruction from here .
  • If you want to upgrade Stash from a previous version, please follow the upgrade instruction from here .


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If you have found a bug with Stash or want to request new features, please file an issue .


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