MariaDB and Percona-XtraDB Support for KubeDB ProxySQL, ProxySQL Dashboard & Alerts


On February 1st, 2023, AppsCode held a webinar on “MariaDB and Percona-XtraDB Support for KubeDB ProxySQL, ProxySQL Dashboard & Alerts”.
The essential contents for this webinar are:

  • MariaDB and Percona-XtraDB backend support for KubeDB ProxySQL
  • Grafana dashboard for KubeDB ProxySQL
  • Prometheus alerts for KubeDB ProxySQL
  • Q&A session

Description of the Webinar

The webinar started by mentioning the updated backend support that has been recently integrated to KubeDB ProxySQL. Starting with the new MariaDB backend support demonstration, and ended up showing the Percona-XtraDB backend support with the user synchronization and TLS.

Later in the demonstration the newly added Grafana Dashboards were introduced to the viewers.

Prometheus Alerts for KubeDB ProxySQL were also discussed in the last part and some practical alert firing was shown as example.

Take a deep dive into the full webinar below:

What Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

  • If you want to install KubeDB, please follow the installation instruction from here .
  • Find the sample yamls and related links from webinar here .


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