ProxySQL Declarative Provisioning, Reconfiguration and Horizontal Scaling using KubeDB


On AUG 10, 2022, AppsCode held a webinar on “ProxySQL Decalarative Provisioning, Reconfiguration and Horizontal Scaling using KubeDB”.
The essential contents fo this webinar are:

  • Declarative configuration for ProxySQL using KubeDB
  • ProxySQL user synchronization with MySQL backend
  • Reconfigure ProxySQL configuration using KubeDB Ops-request
  • Horizontal scaling on KubeDB ProxySQL cluster
  • Q&A session

Description of the Webinar

The speaker started the webinar with a basic introduction of Declarative Configuration in KubeDB ProxySQL. Then he explains how KubeDB operator eases the initialization process of KubeDB ProxySQL with this feature. The concept of SyncUser was explained right after that. Then the theoretical discussion ended with Ops-request in KubeDB ProxySQL.

Later in the demonstration a KubeDB ProxySQL yaml with declarative configuration was explained and using that yaml a ProxySQL cluster was deployed in the kind cluster. After the ProxySQL server was ready all the configurations were checked to verify the process. A short demo of syncUser feature was given right after.

Reconfigure ops-requests were applied one after other and all the changes were observed both in the Ultimate Configuration Secret and in the actual ProxySQL server.

At last, up-scaling and down-scaling with horizontal scaling feature was shown in the webinar and the speaker moved to the QnA session.

Take a deep dive into the full webinar below:

What Next?

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  • Find the sample yamls from webinar here .


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