Panopticon, A Generic Kubernetes State Metrics Exporter - Webinar


AppsCode held a webinar on “Panopticon: A Generic Kubernetes State Metrics Exporter”. This took place on 26th August 2021. The contents of what took place at the webinar are shown below:

  1. What is Panopticon?
  2. Background story of Panopticon?
  3. Key features of Panopticon.
  4. Comparison between Panopticon and kube-state-metrics
  5. Demo
    • Generate metrics for KubeDB MongoDB custom resource using Panopticon
    • Generate metrics for Deployment using Panopticon
  6. Q & A Session

Description of the Webinar

At present, there is no available state metrics exporter for Kubernetes custom resources. Also, Exporter(kube-state-metrics) is available for Kubernetes native resources but users have no control over the metrics. Besides, No available generic exporter that is highly configurable for any kind of Kubernetes resources. This is where Panopticon comes in. Panopticon is a Kubernetes Controller that watches Kubernetes resources passively and exports Prometheus metrics. In this webinar, the speaker continues to describe the architecture of the Panopticon and how it works. After that, he states the key features of Panopticon and how it is different from kube-state-metrics. Ater this the Demo portion of the webinar starts.

From this demo, we get an in-depth view of how the Panopticon works. At first, it is shown how to install Panopticon. After that, the speaker shows how to generate metrics for KubeDB MongoDB custom resource using Panopticon. The demo portion ends with showing how to generate metrics for Deployment using Panopticon. The webinar ends with a Q&A session. All in all, it was an effective webinar.

Take a deep dive into the full webinar below:

What Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

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