Introducing KubeVault v2022.11.30

KubeVault is a Git-Ops ready, production-grade solution for deploying and configuring HashiCorp Vault on Kubernetes.

We are excited to announce the release of KubeVault v2022.11.30. This release takes us one step closer to Vault Backup & Restore process.

With this release, KubeVault is integrated with Stash! You can now take Backup & Restore your Vault cluster using Stash. Stash by AppsCode is a complete Kubernetes native disaster recovery solution for backup and restore your volumes and databases in Kubernetes on any public and private clouds. Read more about Stash here .

KubeVault supports a number of different Storage Backend types. One of the most recommended Storage Backend types is the Integrated Storage Raft . Stash add-on for Vault lets you take Backup snapshot & Restore it whenever required for a Vault cluster backed with Raft.

Vault provides a set of standard operating procedures (SOP) for backing up a Vault cluster. Stash add-on for Vault protects your Vault cluster against data corruption or sabotage keeping those SOP in mind.

Stash will take the snapshot using a consistent mode that forwards the request to the cluster leader, and the leader will verify it is still in power before taking the snapshot. It’ll also store the Vault Unseal keys & root token with the snapshot. Even if you lose our Vault cluster, Unseal keys & root token, you’ll be able to restore it using this snapshot. Thus, we’ll have a complete backup & restore solution!

The detailed commit by commit changelog can be found here .

What’s Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

  • If you want to install KubeVault, please follow the installation instruction from here .

We are going to demo these features in our upcoming webinar on Dec 01, 2022 1:00 PM CEST. Please register here to attend!


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