Introducing Kubeform Module

On 10th Feb 2022, AppsCode held a webinar on “Introducing Kubeform Module”. Key contents of the webinar are:

  • Terraform Module supports in Kubeform by Kubeform Module
  • Generating Kubeform Module Definitions from existing terraform module
  • Kubeform Module Object to use generated Kubeform Module Definition as a reference of module
  • Supports both public and private git repo of terraform module
  • Demo:
    • Create, Update and Deletion of Kubeform Module resource

Description of the Webinar

It is required to install the followings to get started:

  • Kubeform Module Operator
  • Kubeform CLI

Earlier in the webinar the speaker discussed about Kubeform, it’s features and the cloud providers that Kubeform supports.

After that discussed the Kubeform Module, the workflow of Kubeform Module in details with showing how to generate Kubeform Module Definitions from existing terraform modules using Kubeform CLI. Also showed yaml manifests of Kubeform Module Definitions, Kubeform Module Object and described those manifests, showed the comparison between the typical terraform configuration vs Kubeform Module configuration to use terraform module.

Finally, there was a comprehensive hands-on demo on Kubeform Module where speaker showed full life cycle of Kubeform Module, basically there speaker showed how to create a Kubeform Module Object which used generated Kubeform Module Definition to use any terraform module.

Take a deep dive into the full webinar below:

What Next?

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