AppsCode introduces KubeDB Enterprise - An Enterprise-grade Cloud Native Database Management System

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. – AppsCode, a global leader in Enterprise-grade Kubernetes-native Data Platforms, has released KubeDB Enterprise Edition, a production-grade cloud-native database management solution for Kubernetes. KubeDB Enterprise edition is the open core version of popular open source project KubeDB . It includes all the features (clustering, etc.) of KubeDB Community Edition and extends it by automating Day 2 DBA tasks, such as database backup/recovery, upgrading version, horizontal and vertical scaling, TLS/SSL support, updating configuration post provisioning, connection pooling, etc. It works on Kubernetes clusters on bare-metal or public clouds. With KubeDB, developers don’t have to become DBAs or be afraid of vendor lock-in.

Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto way to deploy modern containerized apps on cloud or on-premises. Despite all that growth on the application layer, the data layer hasn’t gotten as much traction with containerization. That’s not surprising, since handling things like state (the database), availability to other layers of the application, and redundancy for a database makes it challenging to run a database in a distributed environment like Kubernetes. However, many developers want to treat data infrastructure the same as application stacks. This is where KubeDB by AppsCode comes as a solution.

KubeDB provides you with many familiar database engines to choose from, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis and Memcached. And the list is growing. KubeDB’s native integration with Kubernetes makes a unique solution compared to competitive solutions from cloud providers and database vendors.

KubeDB is in production and powering critical infrastructure for many enterprises in Telecom, Healthcare, Gaming, EPR, and Financial industries. Our open-core go-to-market approach has resulted in a community of 2000+ developers with 10M+ Docker downloads and 3K+ unique deployments every month.

About AppsCode

AppsCode is building a universal cloud native data platform for the age of Kubernetes. AppsCode was established in 2016 by Tamal Saha, a former Google engineer. AppsCode develops a number of popular products for Kubernetes, namely KubeDB, Stash, KubeVault, Kubeform, Voyager. AppsCode is headquartered in San Leandro, CA with offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For more information, visit or follow @AppsCodeHQ on Twitter.


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