Manage ExternalDNS with CRD and Kubernetes Operator


AppsCode held a webinar on January 11, 2023, on Manage ExternalDNS with CRD and Kubernetes Operator. The contents of the webinar are:

  1. Introduction to DNS
  2. DNS in Kubernetes
  3. External DNS Project
  4. External DNS Operator
  5. Demo
  6. Q & A Session

Description of the Webinar

At the beginning of the webinar, we talked about the DNS service and how it works. Then there was an overview of the ExternalDNS project by Kubernetes. The External DNS project dynamically syncs the exposed resources with DNS providers, you will find more information here . In the webinar, we discussed how to use External DNS and why we need an operator.

Then we had an introduction to External DNS Operator and also there was an overview of the CRD fields and provider-specific secrets. The External DNS Operator can create and manage DNS records of cluster resources (Node, Service, Ingress). It requires a single CRD for a single set of configurations. Then we discussed the phases and workflow of the operator and how it watches the resources and updates the DNS record changes in the provider.

Later in this webinar, we demonstrate how to use this operator in different providers and how the records change when a resource record gets updated.

Take a deep dive into the full webinar below:

What Next?

Please try the latest release and give us your valuable feedback.

  • If you want to install the ExternalDNS Operator, please follow the installation instruction here
  • You can check the GitHub public repo of ExternalDNS Operator from here


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