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  • check-boxManage full life-cycle of any databases
  • check-boxBackup and fast recovery solution for workloads
  • check-boxManage Secrets & Users w/ Vault operator
  • check-boxIngress Controller w/ Gateway API Support
  • check-boxCentrally Manage Clusters w/ Hub-Spoke Model

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AppsCode is a global leader in Enterprise-grade Kubernetes-native Data Platform with Automated Day 2 Operations.

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Guard by AppsCode is a Kubernetes Webhook Authentication server. Using guard, you can log into your Kubernetes cluster using a Github or Google authentication token. Guard also sets authenticated user’s groups to their Github teams or Google groups. This allows cluster administrators to setup RBAC rules based on membership in Github teams or Google groups.

Config Syncer

Config Syncer (fka Kubed) by AppsCode syncs secrets and configmaps across Kubernetes clusters. From here you can learn all about Config Syncer’s architecture and how to deploy and use Config Syncer.


KubeDB simplifies Provisioning, Upgrading, Scaling, Volume Expansion, Monitor, Backup, Restore for various Databases in Kubernetes on any Public & Private Cloud

  • check-box Provisioning
  • check-box Version Upgrade
  • check-box Scaling
  • check-box Volume Expansion
  • check-box Monitoring
  • check-box Security
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A complete Kubernetes native disaster recovery solution for backup and restore your volumes and databases in Kubernetes on any public and private clouds.

  • check-box Declarative API
  • check-box Backup Kubernetes Volumes
  • check-box Backup Database
  • check-box Multiple Storage Support
  • check-box Deduplication
  • check-box Data Encryption
  • check-box Volume Snapshot
  • check-box Policy Based Backup
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Voyager is a secure L7 and L4 ingress controller for Kubernetes with Gateway API support. This can be used with any Kubernetes cloud providers including AWS, GCE, GKE, AZURE, ACS etc. This can also be used with baremetal Kubernetes clusters.

  • check-box HTTP & TCP
  • check-box SSL
  • check-box Platform support
  • check-box HAProxy
  • check-box Prometheus
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KubeVault makes Vault deployment and operation a breeze with a Kubernetes operator. You can pick your preferred Storage Backend, Unsealer Mode, TLS Mode, Secret Engines that you want to allow to attach with this VaultServer, Termination Policy to prevent accidental deletion or clean-up Vault deployment in a systematic way, Monitoring, etc.

  • check-box Automatic Initialization & Unsealing
  • check-box Manage Vault Policy
  • check-box AWS Secret Engine
  • check-box Azure Secret Engine
  • check-box GCP Secret Engine
  • check-box Database Secret Engine
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Manage your Kubernetes Native Applications across any Cloud or On-premises

A single pane of glass for managing your Stateless and Stateful applications across any cloud or on-premises environments. Hide the complexity of Kubernetes behind a simple and elegant UI.

Hide the complexity of Kubernetes behind a simple & elegant UI

Hide the complexity of Kubernetes behind a simple & elegant UI

Simplify how you interact with your Kubernetes clusters. It hides the complexities of managing Kubenetes and provides a simplified and elegant UI.

>Manage all your public and private clusters in one place

Manage all your public and private clusters in one place

Manage all of your private and public clusters from a single place.

Experience operator managed databases in your clusters

Experience operator managed databases in your clusters

Easy Provisioning, Upgrading, Scaling, Volume Expansion, Monitoring, Disaster Recovery etc. without becoming a DBA.

Better Safe than Sorry

Better Safe than Sorry

Simplifies how you backup and recover your volumes, databases and configuration yamls. Just a few taps and you are protected from future disasters.

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring & Alerting

Built-in integration with Prometheus and Grafana. Centralized Dashboards for all your Kubernetes clusters with localized Prometheus deployments.



Built-in integration with best in class ecosystem tools like cert-manager, trivy, Vault, Gatekeepr, Kyverno helps achieve secure by default posture.

Self Host or Managed

Self Host or Managed

You can use our managed service for a frictionless start or you can self-host AppsCode UI in your own cluster for complete control.

GitOps Ready

GitOps Ready

AppsCode UI works directly with live Kubernetes YAMLs. Its R/W UI allows users to interact with the application configuration either via GitOps or directly from the UI.

Cloud reimagined for the age of Kubernetes

Global Cloud Infrastructure at your Fingertip. Leverage the global infrastructure footprint of the cloud providers with a few clicks.

Flexible & Extensible

Flexible & Extensible

It is flexible and extensible to adapt to your needs. You can override the default presets and add new presets to fit your organization policy.

We are always there for you

We are always there for you

We provide dependable, on-demand 24x7 technical support by excellent in-house engineers who are involved in the product development.


Deploy & Manage Databases with 1-click

Discover how our UI enabled users to deploy & manage popular database endgines with 1-click. Learn to navigate seamlessly and make the most of its capabilities for an improved user experience.


Provision your favorite databases with just a few clicks

Database Insights
Database Insights

Gain live insights in your databases with a glance

Auto DBA
Auto DBA

Manage Day 2 lifecycle of your database right from the UI

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Stay ready for any disaster with just a few clicks.


Monitor your database with embedded Grafana dashboards


Stay alert for your mission critical databases


Cloud reimagined
for the age of Kubernetes

Deploy, manage, upgrade Kubernetes on any cloud and automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Make Kubernetes accessible any member of your development team using AppsCode's innovative Kubernetes Dashboard.

AppsCode simplifies every aspect of Kubernetes clusters. We produce high quality production-grade tools for developers so they can make the most out of their Kubernetes journey.

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AppsCode products are FREE to try on any supported Kubernetes versions. There is no up-front investment required, and you need to pay only for the resources you use to your infrastructure provider. We offer a 30 day license FREE of cost for a given Kubernetes cluster.